City prepares plans for sidewalk repairs


By Andrea Cordle
Grove City Editor

The city of Grove City is preparing to fix sidewalks.

At a recent meeting, city council approved a resolution to authorize the city’s consulting engineer to prepare plans, specifications, and cost estimates for the construction and repair of sidewalks on Haughn Road, Angela Drive, Acorn Court, Grant Avenue, Park Street, Midland Street, Curtis Avenue, Lincoln Avenue, Elm Street, Grove City Road, and Front Street.

“This is the first step in the annual sidewalk program,” said Cindi Fitzpatrick, director of public service for the city of Grove City. “This allows the city to hire a third-party consulting engineer to evaluate the sidewalks in this area.”

Sidewalk repair is commonly the responsibility of the homeowner. However, the city is implementing a grant program that will assist homeowners by paying up to 50 percent of costs for the installation or improvement of sidewalks. According to the legislation, the remaining portion of the cost not covered by the grant program can be financed, interest free, over a 20-year term.

Fitzpatrick said once engineers have completed their evaluations of the listed sidewalks, they would prepare a cost estimate. That estimate would then be brought back before council for final approval.

Grove City resident Roger Burket addressed council on the legislation and asked who makes the decision about which sidewalks will be repaired.

“There are sidewalks in other areas that also need to be addressed,” said Burket.

He said the sidewalks near the corner of Front Street and Cleveland Avenue need attention.

“I guess those are not included in this year’s round,” said the resident. “Maybe it should be.”



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