City of Groveport considers uses for small piece of land


By Rick Palsgrove
Groveport Editor

NorthPoint Development is talking to city of Groveport officials about making use of a small piece of land along Rohr Road.

NorthPoint Development, which built warehouses in the area, owns a 5.8 acre piece of vacant land nestled between Rohr Road and Sharps Landing Drive. Matt Schutte of NorthPoint Development approached Groveport City Council at its March 20 meeting about how the land could be put to some use. He said the company no longer had any use for the parcel and would eventually like to sell it to someone else or donate it to the city of Groveport.

Schutte said that, in order to put the land to productive use but prevent the development of bulk warehousing on the site, the company proposes the city release the no build deed restriction on the parcel and change the zoning from limited industrial to select commercial planned district, which would be more restrictive as to what could be developed there and possibly make it more marketable for another developer.

Mayor Lance Westcamp said the 5.8 acre site serves a purpose in that the mounding there visibly screens the nearby warehouses from residential areas.

Added Groveport City Administrator B.J. King, “When the warehouses were developed in that area, the agreement was for no development on that site because it would be used for screening and buffering.”

Westcamp said city officials could consider accepting the donation of the land.

“It’s low maintenance and not really big enough for development,” said Westcamp. “We can talk about it. Maybe the site could be used as a turnaround area for lost semi-trucks so they don’t end up coming through town.”

City officials will discuss the matter further at future meetings.

2023 street maintenance program
The city’s $550,000, 2023 street maintenance program includes the following streets:

•Elmont Place: from Hamilton Road to Venison Way – asphalt mill and overlay with base repair and curb/gutter replacement where needed;

•Maple Street: from Brook Alley east to Front Street – full depth pavement reconstruction;

•Private Alley: from Blacklick Street to Hickory Alley – full depth pavement reconstruction;

•State Route 317: spot deep asphalt mill and overlay northbound to westbound left turn lane at Groveport Road intersection and southbound left turn lane onto Hendron Road at Hendron Road intersection;

•Main Street at Town Hall: spot drainage repairs;

•Edge Grove Drive: from Saw Grove Court to Briar Grove Drive – asphalt mill and overlay with base repair and curb/gutter replacement as needed. (Whether or not this improvement proceeds depends on the price bid.); and

•Golf course entrance drive: asphalt mill and overlay with base repair and drainage work as needed.

Council approved that two parking spots in the municipal lot at Wirt Road, Cherry Street, and Crooked Alley be designated for carryout order parking for the Birch Tavern.

When asked if the municipal parking lot at Wirt Road, Cherry Street, and Crooked Alley could be re-striped in some way to create more parking spaces in that lot, King said, “We are looking at configurations to maximize the current parking lot. This includes restriping the lot.”


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