City looks to buy downtown parcel

By Christine Bryant
Staff Writer

The city of Reynoldsburg is moving toward purchasing property at the corner of Main Street and Lancaster Avenue that has sat empty for nearly two decades despite its high profile location.

At its Sept. 25 meeting, Reynoldsburg City Council will vote on whether to authorize Mayor Brad McCloud to enter into contract to purchase this property.

“This is an exciting initiative brought forth by the administration and city council,” McCloud said. “The parcel in question has been a vacant eyesore for at least 20 years.”

If the business deal goes through, McCloud said it is the city’s intent to make the parcel into a parking lot with about 40 spaces, as well as include green space with picnic tables, a gazebo and park-like amenities.

“This parcel will be diagonally across the street from the new YMCA and it is our intent to bring French Run Creek and Blacklick Creek into play be clearing the brush and debris so the waters can be seen and enjoyed,” he said.

The city also intends to build a footbridge that will connect this parcel with the existing pathway along Blacklick Creek, McCloud said.

“This will be a great step in not only promoting vibrancy to Olde Reynoldsburg, but also in providing green space with connectivity to our existing trailways,” he said.

At the Sept. 11 council meeting, city officials began the process of authorizing the mayor to purchase the land, as well as appropriate the funds for the purchase.

Though the deal has not been finalized, McCloud said the seller has indicated he would accept $225,000 for the property. At the Sept. 25 council meeting, council will vote on whether to authorize the appropriation of funds for the purchase from the unappropriated Capital Improvements Fund into a land account for the purchase.

If a deal is finalized, McCloud said he anticipates putting this project out for bid early in 2018.

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  1. This is indeed great news for the city of Reynoldsburg! The only problem with the development plan is the parking lot. Part of the reason the land sat undeveloped for so long is because the ground was contaminated by gasoline, motor oil, and anti-freeze from the gas station that had been there. Those contaminants were leaching into the soil and into the creek. EPA required a cleanup of the property. With putting a parking lot there, we will have the same problem with gasoline, motor oil, antifreeze and other contaminants polluting the soil and water. The development plan should include no parking especially if the property will connect to JFK park via footbridge, where there is plenty of parking.


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