City looks at extending Civic Park, bringing YMCA to area

The city of Reynoldsburg is looking at extending Civic Park at a location along Wind River Drive, east of Rose Hill Road and west of Lancaster Avenue.

The extension would cover about 9.4 acres, most of which is a pond.

However, questions were raised at the Oct. 6 Reynoldsburg City Council Community Development Committee meeting whether about 12 property owners along the pond know that there is an easement that runs along the pond’s edges.

City council member Mel Clemens questioned the benefits of adding the land to the park when the property owners have maintained the area surrounding the pond. He also said some may have thought that land was part of their property.

"These people have taken care of it and live there," Clemens said.

Council member Leslie Kelly said she sees the potential of adding the pond to the park for activities such as fishing, but agrees questions regarding the legal issue of adding the pond to the park and questions about the property owners‚ rights must be answered before proceeding.

"I think it would be a nice addition to the park," she said.

The matter was brought before council at the Oct. 6 meeting because city officials want to apply for a grant that would fund the extension. The grant’s deadline is Oct. 30.

However, city council members said they first wished to have their questions answered before proceeding with the grant application. The issue was tabled until the Oct. 20 meeting.

In other news, the committee‚s chairwoman Antoinette D. Newman gave an update to council members on the progress of the proposed new YMCA.

During meetings in August and September, committee members continued to look into ideas on how to make bringing the YMCA to Reynoldsburg a reality, including researching how YMCAs function in other communities.

One idea to fund the project, Newman said, would be an income tax that would affect about 17 percent of the city’s residents.

Newman said the next step is to form a steering committee.

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