City leaders looking ahead to 2050 initiative


By Andrea Cordle
Southwest Editor

What is on the horizon in Grove City?

At the Jan. 17 meeting, Grove City council members heard a presentation on Grove City 2050, an effort to update city plans and policies to prepare for future growth.

Jamie Green, a representative of Planning Next, said Grove City is the fastest growing municipality in the central Ohio region and city leaders need to create a new land use and thoroughfare plan to keep the city economically competitive, as well as a desirable place to live and work. Planning Next helps communities plan for future growth. The city has paid the company approximately $83,000 to help navigate through the planning process.

In addition to Planning Next, there is a Grove City 2050 steering committee, which includes 30 members to represent citizens. The committee has met several times and there has been community workshops for citizen feedback.

According to Green, residents like the small town feel of Grove City. They like the park system and the local events and festivals. But residents think there is room for improvement. Green said residents want to see more redevelopment in the Grove City Town Center. They want more commercial corridors and even more recreational opportunities.

Transportation was also an area of concern for residents.

“Residents said the city should work on reducing congestion and adding more walkable areas,” said Green. “We are looking at opportunities to improve mobility in the city and further infrastructure investment.”

Residents also would like to see more bike paths.

Councilman Steve Bennett said he is encouraged by the future planning and city leaders need to keep thinking ahead.

“I like the idea of not being complacent,” said Bennett.

Green said Planning Next would begin to review economic opportunities for the city and gather feedback from existing business owners about planning.

Green and his team plan to brief council again next month to go over the progress of Grove City 2050. He said there will also be a community open house for residential input before council votes to adopt the plan.

Grove City 2050 stems from findings of Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission’s Insight 2050 project to accommodate the region’s changing demographics.


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