City launches new website dedicated to area commissions

A new website,, was launched by the Department of Neighborhoods to provide all residents with up-to-date information on Columbus’ 21 Area Commissions.

“In order to have vibrant and diverse neighborhoods, we need residents to be engaged, to be the voice for their communities at City Hall,” said Mayor Andrew Ginther. “Area commissions recommended a website to help with the establishment and management of commissions, and we listened. This should be a great tool for greater resident involvement.”

Area commissions began in the early 1970s and continue to be established throughout the city. The city of Columbus empowers residents to create area commissions, which act as a liaison between neighborhood groups, property owners, residents, developers and city officials.

“To have strong neighborhoods, we must have engaged residents. Columbus’ 21 area commissions are a vital link to ensure our neighborhoods have a strong voice at City Hall. This new website is an important next step to boost awareness and ensure even more residents are at the table when commissions make recommendations” said Carla Williams-Scott, director of the Department of Neighborhoods.

The new website created based on a recommendation from the commissions provides general information about area commissions, details on how to establish a new commission, the appointment process and an interactive map. From the main page, links to each of the 21 area commissions provide specific information on meeting agendas, dates and locations, membership, committees, bylaws, events and more.

“Area commissions are vital institutions in our city. Being able to share their meeting times, minutes, bylaws, and contact information on one convenient website will benefit all those interested in staying up to date about issues affecting their neighborhood. I applaud the Department of Neighborhoods and all 21 of the commissions in their effort to improve engagement between the residents, the commissions and the city while expanding the opportunities to participate at the grassroots level”, said city councilman Rob Dorans, chair of the neighborhoods committee.

The Department of Neighborhoods serves as the front door to the city by providing information and services for Columbus residents to ensure strong and vibrant neighborhoods.

The Greater Hilltop Area Commission and the Westland Area Commission cover issues on the city’s westside. The Far West commission and the Franklinton commission also cover areas on the city’s westside.

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