City encourages public communication

By Sandi Latimer
Staff Writer

A representative of the Columbus City Attorney’s office is encouraging people to call the 311 hotline to report code violations in their neighborhoods.

“We’ll never know about it if no one reports it,” Kristen Dickerson told the Westland Area Commission at its April meeting. “Nothing will happen if it is not reported.”

Dickerson distributed a long list of phone numbers that residents can call to obtain information or to report such things as suspected narcotics activity or gang activity.

During her presentation, she explained d how an apartment complex on Sullivant Avenue was closed.

“I went through the 311 calls on that property for 10 years,” Dickerson said. “I was surprised when 15 residents showed up for the hearings.”

Ultimately that apartment building was closed. It had become a target for drugs and prostitution.

Quite often vacant houses have code violations, “but being a vacant house doesn’t mean there are code violations,” she said.

Election time

Spring time is election time for the Westland Area Commission. Three seats are up for election. Those are held by Scott Taylor, Dorothy Jantzen and Jeff Tanner who was appointed to fill out the unexpired term of Jim Kennedy.

Anyone wishing to serve on the commission can pick up petitions at the Westland Area Library. Twenty-five valid signatures are needed, and petitions should be returned no later than June 17. The Westland community will be voting June 24 between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. at the Prairie Township Fire Department Fish Fry.

People who live, work or own property in the commission coverage area are eligible to seek a seat on the commission and to vote. The area extends from the Conrail tracks on the north to Big Run on the south, and I-270 on the east and Hellbranch reek on the west.

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