City Council is set to expand


By Andrea Cordle
Grove City Editor

Voters in Grove City may notice some changes in this election cycle.

On the ballot this November, will be three ward seats and one at-large seat up for election, as well as the term for mayor. This is because in 2017, voters approved a charter amendment that expands the city’s council from five members to seven. Starting in 2024, the city will have a total of five wards instead of four and two at-large council members, instead of one.

According to the city’s charter, each ward shall elect one resident member to a four-year term. The at-large seats will also include a four-year term, though the ward five and at-large seat up for election this fall will carry a two-year term, then a four-year term in 2025.

In 2016, a 13-member charter review committee was appointed by city officials to evaluate the charter and recommend changes. The charter was approved by voters first in 1958 and was last amended in 1985.

After reviewing the charter, committee members thought a council expansion was necessary to give more representation to the growing community.

“We didn’t want to change the type of government, so we looked at other governments in the central Ohio area and many of them have seven-member councils,” said Steve Robinette, who was a charter review committee member.

Municipalities like Columbus, Reynoldsburg, Dublin, and Hilliard have seven-member councils.

In 2022, the council adopted a new ward map, which was designed after the 2020 census. The city purchased a software package that shaped the maps based on geography and population. This could mean your ward is changing.

According to the ward boundary map, ward one will represent 8,233 residents in the north/west part of the city, which includes areas around Big Run South, over to Broadway, along Holt Road, and down along Orders Road. Ward two will represent the central portion of the city, which includes Broadway, Columbus Street, Kingston Avenue, and down to Orders Road. It covers 8,140 residents.

Ward three covers the southern portion of the city as well as 7,934 residents. This includes areas south of Orders Road, along Hoover Road, around State Route 665, and down to Seeds Road. Ward four will represent 7,943 citizens in the eastern portion of the city including areas along Stringtown Road, Jackson Pike, and down to Buckeye Parkway. Ward five, in the north/east area of the city will cover 9,002 residents. It starts in the north near Interstate 270 and covers areas like Home Road, Gantz Road, Marlane Drive, and down to Columbus Street.

According to Tami Kelly, clerk of council, ward five covers a larger population because that ward is landlocked. The other areas, including ward three and four, have room to grow and likely will expand with upcoming development in the works.

Kelly said residents can visit the city’s website to determine which ward they reside in. Those interested can visit and click on ward maps. You will then enter your address to determine your ward.

Because of the expansion, council chambers will need to be renovated to accommodate the larger council.

According to Kelly, city leaders are working to get a contract in place to start construction soon.

“We are hopeful this will be in early April,” said Kelly.

Construction will last approximately four months.

Council meetings will still take place the first and third Monday of each month at 7 p.m.

During construction of council chambers, the meetings will take place at the Grove City Library.


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