Citizens form levy committee


By Amanda Amsel
Staff Writer

Some Franklin Township residents are banning together in an attempt to pass the proposed 3.1-mil permanent police levy.

“A new citizens committee has been formed in an effort to pass the levy,” said Allan Wheeler, township police chief at a recent board meeting. “The committee will be going door-to-door and passing out information about the levy.”

According to the Wheeler, the committee is a mixture of residents, township leaders and police officers. Wheeler said committee members will be hosting several public meetings to educate the community.

“One of the things they will be passing out is a spreadsheet that shows taxpayers how much more they will be paying if the levy passes,” Wheeler said. “We feel this spreadsheet will clear up any confusion about additional taxes residents will pay if the levy passes.”

According to the report, if a township resident owns a $100,000 home, they will pay an additional $137.20 in taxes. However, according to township officials, the majority of the homes in the township are valued at less than $100,000.

If the levy is approved, it would generate an estimated $500,000 a year for the township.

“The tax increase for this levy is small, however if it doesn’t pass it will cause serious repercussions for the township,” Wheeler said. “If the levy doesn’t pass, we most defiantly will have to go back to one police shift, which will hurt the township.”

The committee will be chaired by Robyn Watkins. Any township police officer who participates, would do it in their free tim.

Wheeler said the first public meeting will be at 6:30 p.m. Sept. 28 at Central Baptist Church, 1955 Frank Road.

“We want people to make a well informed decision and have as much information as possible,” Wheeler said. “We welcome all feedback and questions and look forward to speaking with the community.”

Franklin Township trustees John Fleshman and Don Cook support the levy, while Tim Guyton has said he does not. Guyton said he does not support a permanent levy because it puts too much of a tax burden on future generations.

For more information on the Franklin Township police levy or to join the new citizens committee, visit

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