Choctaw Lake man named Strength Coach of the Year

Jeremy Hartman

(Posted Sept. 29, 2023)

USA Powerlifting has named Madison County resident Jeremy Hartman as Strength Coach of the Year.

The award recognizes individuals who are committed to coaching drug-free athletes across all levels of competition, from local to international. The award acknowledges the winner’s dedication to helping athletes achieve their goals, whether it’s improved health, increased strength, or success in powerlifting.

Hartman’s journey to becoming an acclaimed strength coach includes several personal achievements in strength sports. He is a six-time U.S. national champion. He has represented the United States on the world stage, achieving a third-place finish. He also has been a member of four U.S. world teams.

Hartman is based in Lake Choctaw, London, where he runs his training operations from his home. He works with athletes of all ages, competitive lifters, and individuals seeking to improve their overall health and wellness through strength training.

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