Children’s book written to help kids cope with divorce

By Sarah Slayman
Staff Writer

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Grove City resident Brenda Mocarski has published the children’s book, “Daddy Still Loves Me.” This book helps children process their feelings when dealing with divorce and alcoholism.

Brenda Mocarski, of Grove City, has self-published a book that aims to help children cope with divorce and alcohol abuse.

Mocarski, author of “Daddy Still Loves Me,” is a retired pediatric nurse with a degree in psychology. She is a child of divorce herself, which she says, gives her a unique perspective on just how wounding the experience can be.

Mocarski didn’t write the children’s book until her own grandchildren went through a divorce. She said she struggled to find the resources that would help them cope with the family break-up. Her goal in writing was to assure children that they were not responsible for the divorce, the parents did not divorce them, and they are still loved. With encouragement from professional counselors, she began to move forward with publishing.

“Children rarely voice their fears or concerns,” said Mocarski. “Reading this book with the child opens the door for expressing the feelings the child is experiencing and assuring them they are still loved by both parents.”

Because divorce is traumatic for the parents as well, often they don’t see what their kids are going through, said Mocarski. She said they are usually too young to verbalize emotions, or have not been given the opportunity to do so.

The book is shared from a young child’s perspective of divorce, and the pages walk through statements of their emotions, perhaps sadness or anger, and transition into breaking down why it could be dangerous to trust an alcoholic parent to be your caretaker. Real-life examples are shared throughout the book.

“Daddy Still Loves Me” is available through Amazon, Kindle online, and Barnes and Noble for $16.95. Mocarski also sells copies for $15 via inquiries at


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