Check out New Voice at City Hall

Perspective. The new art exhibit hanging at City Hall offers art patrons a different perspective.

Entitled, "New Voice", the images of artist Suzie Dittenber provide a fresh way of looking at life’s scenes.  

Raised in Worthington, Dittenber, the second of four children, dabbled in art at an early age.  

"It’s something that I was interested in as a child but I set it aside to pursue sports and other interests," said Dittenber.  

She returned to this passion during her senior year at Worthington Christian. It was then that she enthusiastically explored ceramics, drawing, and painting. A 2001 degree from Grace College combined both her love of art and education.

Dittenber returned to Worthington Christian, her alma mater – this time to teach and share her perspective.

"I guess I’m just a person who’s passionate about learning," she noted. "I love reading and discovering things. I love learning along side students and being a coach and discovering life with them."

One of Dittenber’s discoveries was her own desire to further explore art.  

Dittenber said, "I was teaching high school English and art, working with students in photography, and I felt I had so much more to learn in painting and drawing."

This urging prompted the teacher to initially enroll in the Columbus College of Art and Design (CCAD) on a part-time basis. Eventually, she left her position at Worthington Christian to attend school full-time. Dittenber graduated from CCAD, with a second bachelor’s degree, in December 2007. She is now applying to grad schools for fall admission.

The artist’s inclination to acknowledge her inner voice paid off in her work. The exhibit, "New Voice" is a collection Ray Kline, curator for Grove City, has called amazing.

"She has shown an affinity for subject matter that is generally considered mundane, taken ordinary interior scenes and, using the artist’s eye, she tells a story."

The story is left to the viewer’s imagination. What tale does the woman in the picture tell? What does the room and its objects convey as we look past the half closed door? Dittenber’s art beckons, teases us with the possibilities.  

That untold story is no accident.  

"When I select a scene to paint or draw, the paintings focus on the narrative, like the open door and what lies beyond it," Dittenber explained. "I also convey pattern with shadow and light. I think my art conveys a comfort level with the unknown and our future."

The "New Voice" collection will hang on display through Feb. 29 at City Hall, 4035 Broadway in Grove City. Private tours can also be arranged by contacting Kline at 875-2423.

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