Centerpoint 7 development progressing


By Katelyn Sattler
Staff Writer

Obetz City Council approved the final development plan of Centerpoint 7.

According to Obetz Community Services Director/Council Clerk Stacey Boumis, Centerpoint 7 has been zoned Planned Industrial District and is the last developable parcel in the Centerpoint Business Park.

The building will be the smallest building of the park at approximately 100,000 square feet on 8.23 acres. The process began last year and was vetted through Planning and Zoning. It required several variances and received approval from the Madison Township Fire Department due to the gravel fire lane. The primary access is on Bixby Road.

The building is centered on the lot, with the existing landscape buffer along Bixby Road and along the residential to the north, which is Big Walnut Run, whose retention pond is adjacent. The houses are not immediately adjacent to it.

The dock doors will face the pond. Some dock doors will also face the road, but they’re face-shielded from the road with landscaping. It will look like the other buildings there. The developer will put in a minimal spec building now and putting in a minimum amount of parking. If needed over time, there is additional space for more parking. The building will have the traditional signage package that exists in the park.

Obetz mayor’s report
•Mayor Angela Kirk said May 5 is the opening day for baseball, softball and tee-ball season. Gates open at 6 pm.

“We’re throwing out of the first pitch and there will be fireworks afterward,” said Kirk.

•The first ever “Mother-Son Glow Dance: A Night to Remember” will be at Stewart Hall on May 12 from 6:30-8 p.m.

•The annual Obetz Spring Clean Up is scheduled for May 12. This is the normal trash collection day; however, Waste Management will send extra trucks to pick up additional household waste.

“Remember to wrap any mattresses or couches you have that you want to dispose of,” said Kirk.

•There is also a tire disposal on Friday, May 12 from 4-6 p.m. and May 13 from 9- to 11 a.m. Disposal will take place in the dumpster at the Street Department building located at 4100 Orchard Lane.

•The Farmer’s Market is taking vendor applications for 2023. The market takes place on the second Wednesday of each month, from June to September, between 4-7 p.m. The event will be held across from the Obetz Hardware Store at 4256 Groveport Road.

Obetz Police
•“We’ve had a lot of speeding complaints down at Butler Farms,” said Obetz Police Chief Mike Confer. “I had guys go down and spend the last couple of weeks running random traffic down there. They clocked several hundred cars. So hopefully we curb that issue, for a while anyway.”

•Since April 10, Obetz Police have had 967 calls for service; patrolled 4,004 miles; 32 moving violations, three for speeding; two parking citations; three misdemeanor arrests; 23 offense reports; and four crash reports.

Hamilton Township Fire Department
Hamilton Township Fire Chief Ralph Shillingburg said that for the month of March the department had 70 EMS runs and 17 fire runs.


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