Car show could return to Groveport


By Rick Palsgrove
Groveport Editor

Messenger photo by Rick Palsgrove
Sue Vaughn (left) and Cindy Raver check out this 1949 Ford Custom at the Groveport Hometown Car and Motorcycle Show held in September 2016 in Groveport Park. Mayor Lance Westcamp wants to bring the car show back to Groveport after a seven year absence.

Mayor Lance Westcamp wants to bring the classic car show back to Groveport.

The last time the city hosted a car show was in 2016 in Groveport Park when it was known as the Groveport Hometown Car and Motorcycle Show. For many years prior to 2016, the car show was held on Main Street in historic downtown Groveport.

“Residents have asked me about bringing back the car show,” said Westcamp. “We’re thinking of holding it in September or October (not on Apple Butter Day) on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.”

Westcamp said he would like to see the car show held on Main Street between College Street and Front Street. He noted Canal Winchester and Obetz also both hold car shows.

Westcamp said more information about the car show will be released in the coming weeks.

“It’s in the talking stages right now,” he said.

Safety on Delane Road; park access
At the May 8 Groveport City Council meeting, resident David Paul Hudson asked council to consider placing a speed bump on Delane Road. He said there is a lot of traffic on the road and many of the drivers are going over the speed limit. He is concerned for the safety of children playing in the neighborhood’s yards.

“A speed bump would be there all the time, you wouldn’t have to pay it, and it would slow the cars down,” said Hudson.

Groveport Police Chief Casey Adams noted new speed limit signs were placed in the Delane Road area within the past year and police have also placed the speed limit trailer, which shows how fast drivers are traveling, along the road.

Councilwoman Jean Ann Hilbert noted one reason the city has not used speed bumps is because the bumps can cause problems for street crews doing snow removal.

Westcamp told Hudson city officials will look into the matter further.

Hudson also asked council to consider making the back (east) entrance to Blacklick Park – which features a little wooden foot bridge and is located in the Seymour Avenue/Crescent Drive area – more accessible. He said the area “needs work” and signage to make it more welcoming to visitors.

Councilman Ed Dildine told Hudson what the city could do about the issue depends on who actually owns the property where the park’s back entrance is located.

Groveport City Administrator B.J. King will research the issue further.

Other news
•Council approved a resolution regarding the nature of services to be provided upon annexation to Groveport for 1.94 acres on the north side of Groveport Road near Saltzgaber Road. King said the owner’s proposed plans for the property include combining it with an adjacent 8.3 acre property and constructing a cold storage warehouse facility on the land.

•Council is considering establishing the number of the city’s police force to 25 officers, which is an increase from 24. The staffing level was set at 24 last year to account for new hirings and pending retirements. King said that, after a review, it was determined that, after all the retirements are completed, there will be 25 officers in place, not the previously approved 24.

•King said the city’s outdoor Aquatic Center swimming pool has been painted and will be filled with water on May 13.

“It should be a great summer for the pool,” said King.


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