Car break-ins on Groveport’s Tallman Street


By Rick Palsgrove

Southeast Editor

Citizens reported three car break-ins that occurred on Tallman Street in Groveport during the early morning hours of Oct. 24, according to the Groveport Police.

Additionally, another car break-in took place on Oct. 11 on Greenpointe Drive.

According to Groveport Police Sgt. Brian Thompson, the Tallman Street car break-ins  happened from about 2:45 a.m. to 5:15 a.m. and the Greenpointe Drive car break-in at about 1:30 p.m.When asked what kinds of things are being stolen from the parked vehicles, Thompson said, “Whatever is in clear sight.  Purses, bags, keys, and money are common.”

Thompson said so far the police have no direct leads as to who broke into the vehicles.“We have photos that we have put on Facebook that were obtained from a security camera,” said Thompson.

Regarding whether car break-ins are more frequent in some neighborhoods in Groveport as opposed to others, Thompson said, “I don’t believe there is one neighborhood over another that have more frequent break-ins. ”

He also added, “I think they (car break-ins) are common in any city.”

Thompson said the total number of reported car break-ins in Groveport this year is not available as police statistics place all thefts under one category.

“Our software does not identify thefts as to what type of theft was committed,” said Thompson.

In August there were 18 reported thefts in Groveport and 10 reported thefts in September. These reported incidents were thefts of various kinds. October theft statistics for the city are not yet available.

Thompson said residents can take steps to better protect their cars from being a target for break-ins.

“Lock your vehicle and keep any items out of sight,” said Thompson.  “If you must keep something in the car, put it in the trunk area.”

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