Candidates, issues filed for election


The filing deadline for the Nov. 6 general election was Aug. 23. The Madison County Board of Elections certified the following candidates and issues on Aug. 28. For details, call the Board of Elections at 740-852-9424.


Pike Township—2.68-mill replacement levy with a 0.20 increase, for five years, for fire protection and emergency squad service

London Public Library—1.2-mill replacement levy, for five years, for current expenses

Madison-Plains Local School District—2.5-mill renewal levy, for five years, for providing permanent improvements and for school buses

Madison-Plains Local School District—8.0-mill renewal levy, for three years, for current expenses

Stokes Township—0.8-mill replacement, for five years, for fire protection

Somerford Township—1.0-mill replacement levy, for five years, for fire protection

Central Townships Joint Fire District—4.75-mill additional levy, for five years, for fire protection

Mount Sterling Public Library—1.0-mill additional operating levy, for 10 years, for current operating expenses

Plain City Public Library—0.75-mill levy, for five years, for current expenses

Board of Education Candidates

Jefferson Schools – 3 to be elected

• Robert O. Barton Jr.

• David Harper

• Meg Hiss

• Kevin McDowell

• Ed Shepherd

Jonathan Alder Schools – 3 to be elected

• Thomas Bichsel

• Christine Blacka

• Steve Votaw

London Schools – 2 to be elected

• Curtis Brooks

• Vicijean Geer

Madison-Plains Schools – 2 to be elected

• Michael Brandt

• Sherry Kuehnle

• Kenneth Morlock

City of London Candidates

Mayor – David Eades

Auditor – Jim Slagle

Law director – Zahid Siddiqi

Council president – Jim Canney

Council at-large (3 to be elected) – Richard Minner, William Beathard, John Stahl, Gordon Henderson

Council Ward 1 (1 to be elected) – Rodney Lauer

Council Ward 2 (1 to be elected) – James Keen Jr., Don G. Graves

Council Ward 3 (1 to be elected) – Robin Reed

Council Ward 4 (1 to be elected) – Stan Kavy

Village of Midway Candidates

Mayor – Robert Butz, Gordon Ell

Clerk/Treasurer – Ronda Alspaugh

Council (2 to be elected) – Joseph A. Butz, Robert L. Johnston, Bruce Jones

Village of Mount Sterling Candidates

Mayor – Charles Neff, Diane Spradlin

Council (2 to be elected) – Lowell Anderson, Gary Cooper

Village of Plain City Candidates

Mayor – Sandra Adkins

Council (2 to be elected) – Robert D. Walter, Christopher L. Johnston

Village of South Solon Candidates

Mayor – Joseph L. Haney

Council – (no candidates filed)

Village of West Jefferson Candidates

Mayor – Charlie Miller, Scott Hockenbery

Council at-large (3 to be elected) – Douglas Eakins, Jim King, Jeffery Patterson, Eugene O. Sidner Jr.

Township Candidates

Canaan Township

• Fiscal officer – Lisa Beachy, DiAnn McMillen

Darby Township

• Fiscal officer – M. Elaine Wilcox

• Trustee – Roger Weeks

Deercreek Township

• Fiscal officer – Shirley Witwer

• Trustee – Thomas Cecil

Fairfield Township

• Fiscal officer – Vickie Timmons

• Trustee – D. Wayne Francis

Jefferson Township

• Fiscal officer – Robert A. Harper Jr.

• Trustee (1 to be elected) – Michelle Anders, Rudolph E. Denes, Tod Elfrink

Monroe Township

• Fiscal officer – Patricia Troyer

• Trustee (1 to be elected) – David Gallimore, Monte H. Weisheimer

Oak Run Township

• Fiscal officer – Jane E. Beery

• Trustee (1 to be elected) – Charles Farmer, Wayne Holland

Paint Township

• Fiscal officer – Cindy Mace

• Trustee – Bruce Davison

Pleasant Township

• Fiscal officer – Vickie Fryer

• Trustee – Lewis Conway

Pike Township

• Fiscal officer – Lila Stewart

• Trustee (1 to be elected) – Aaron Boerger, Jim Stewart

Range Township

• Fiscal officer – Luana Barker

• Trustee – Mark Anthony

Somerford Township

• Fiscal officer – Phyllis Scott

• Trustee – Jim Moran

Stokes Township

• Fiscal officer – Joan Clemans

• Trustee – Michael D. Porter

Union Township

• Fiscal officer – Karen S. Geyer

• Trustee (1 to be elected) – Rick W. Davis, Matthew D. Furbee, Brian Lanigan


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