Candidates and issues for the Nov. 3 ballot

By Rick Palsgrove
Groveport Editor
The following area issues and candidates have filed with the Franklin County Board of Elections to appear on the Nov. 3 ballot:

•City of Groveport proposed two city charter amendments: 1) Revises the name of “recreation and parks” to “recreation parks and facilities management” under Article 6 in the charter that discusses the city administrator’s powers and duties; and 2) Clarifies that the issuance of bonds and notes, as well as federal and state grants and loans, are to be considered as appropriations under the charter’s Article 3 that outlines city council’s approval of expenditures. Previously these items were not considered as direct appropriations. According to Groveport Law Director Kevin Shannon, once these items are considered as appropriations they can take effect immediately rather than in 30 days after council approval. If approved, the amendments would go into effect Jan. 1, 2020.

•Franklin County ADAMH proposed tax levy: The proposed five year levy would be a 2.2 mill renewal along with an increase of 0.65 mills for a total of 2.85 mills commencing in 2021. The levy would fund the operation of mental health, alcohol, and drug addiction programs for children, adults, and families including residential and outpatient treatment programs, school and community based prevention programs, and patient housing.

•United States 15th Congressional District (vote for one): Joel B. Newby III (Democrat); and Steve Stivers (Republican).
•United States 3rd Congressional District (vote for one): Joyce Beatty (Democrat); and Mark F. Richardson (Republican).
•Ohio House of Representatives 20th District (vote for one): Richard Brown (Democrat); and Chris Baer (Republican).
•Ohio House of Representatives 26th District (vote for one): Erica C. Crowley (Democrat).
•Franklin County Commissioner (vote for one): Kevin L. Boyce (Democrat); and Andrew C. Littler (Republican).
•Franklin County Commissioner (vote for one): John O’Grady (Democrat); and Luis Gil (Republican).
•Franklin County Prosecuting Attorney (vote for one): Gary Tyack (Democrat); and Ron O’Brien (Republican).
•Franklin County Clerk Courts of Common Pleas (vote for one): Maryellen O’Shaughnessy (Democrat); and Jarrod M. Golden (Republican).
•Franklin County Treasurer (vote for one): Cheryl Brooks Sullivan (Democrat); and Brandon Cross (Republican).
•Franklin County Recorder (vote for one): Danny O’Connor (Democrat).
•Franklin County Sheriff (vote for one): Dallas Baldwin (Democrat).
•Franklin County Coroner (vote for one): Anahi Ortiz (Democrat).
•Franklin County Engineer (vote for one): Cornell R. Robertson (Republican).

•10th District Court of Appeals (vote for one): Michael C. Mental (Democrat); and Colleen O’Donnell (Republican).
•10th District Court of Appeals (vote for one): Terri Jameson (Democrat); and Lisa L. Sadler (Republican).
•Courts of Common Pleas (vote for one): Carl Aveni (Democrat); and Josh Brown (Republican).
•Courts of Common Pleas (vote for one): Sheryl Munson (Democrat); Gina R. Russo (Republican).
•Courts of Common Pleas (vote for one): Andy Miller (Democrat); amd Jenifer French (Republican).
•Courts of Common Pleas (vote for one): David Young (Democrat); Michael J. Cassone (Republican).
•Courts of Common Pleas (vote for one): Chris Brown (Democrat); and Michael E. Carleton (Republican).
•Courts of Common Pleas Domestic Relatoins (vote for one): George W. Leach (Democrat); and Dana Suzanne Preisse (Republican).
•Courts of Common Pleas Domestic Relations (vote for one): Lasheyl Stroud (Democrat); Stephanie Hanna (Republican).
•Courts of Common Pleas Probate (vote for one): Zack Space (Democrat); and Robert G. Montgomery (Republican).

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