Canal Winchester changes trash hauler

By Linda Dillman
Staff Writer

Canal Winchester is breaking long ties with Waste Management after the city council approved a five-year contract with Rumpke to provide waste hauling services for residents.

Waste Management and its predecessor serviced the city for approximately 40 years.
Council approved the ordinance on Aug. 17 after bid evaluations by a team consisting of Mayor Mike Ebert, Councilman Will Bennett, Public Service Director Matt Peoples, Construction Services Director Bill Sims and Finance Director Amanda Jackson.

Three companies responded to the bid request: Rumpke, Waste Management and Local Waste.

“The evaluation team chose Rumpke for the price, the completeness and quality of their proposal and for the reputation and experience of the company,” said Peoples.

The current contract with Waste Management ends Sept. 30 and the Rumpke contract, which was approved under emergency language and includes recycling, starts on Oct. 1. Waste Management will complete their last collection on Sept. 28.

“That first week, residents will have trash picked up on Monday and then again on Thursday when the new round starts,” said Councilwoman Jill Amos. “There will be no gap (in collections).”

The cost to residents is $58.50 a quarter ($19.50 a month) for weekly trash and recycling collection. Peoples said the price is fixed for the length of the contract. The only variable cost is a fuel surcharge, when applicable.

The price includes a 96-gallon trash receptacle and a 65- or 96-gallon recycle container. There is an option for an additional cart at $3.50 a month for a 96-gallon cart or $3 a month for a 65-gallon cart. There is a 10 percent discount for seniors ages 65 and over.

Peoples said it will take the company a couple of weeks to distribute their trash containers to 2,600 to 2,900 accounts throughout the city. Rumpke will contact customers before the first collection date.

“Rumpke will be sending out information soon and the CW Recycles Team, along with the CWHS Indians Club, will also be going door-to-door to share information on the new program,” said Peoples.

According to Amos—who helped spearhead a city-wide recycling effort along with a team of high schoolers, graduates and volunteers—weekly curbside recycling includes a large container. If customers register online, they can upsize it to the same size as the trash receptacle at no additional charge.

“All that hard work of the three teens and the CW Recycles group has finally paid off,” said Amos. “We are all elated. Over a year of hanging out the first and third Saturdays doing recycling and now curbside.”


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