Burglary suspects caught in Groveport


Two men who allegedly broke into a home in Groveport were apprehended by Groveport police shortly after a call was made to 911.

On June 22, shortly before 2 p.m., an active daytime burglary was reported at a home located on Old Hamilton Road in Groveport.

According to the Groveport police, two males, identified as Roger G. Mace and Brian S. Zitzke, allegedly initially knocked on the front door of the home and, when no one answered, they moved to the back door and began knocking. The suspects then allegedly kicked in the back door and gained entry into to the home.

A 17-year-old female was home at the time and was able to stay safe and hid from view. She called 911 when the men attempted to enter a bedroom upstairs.

Police said the men exited the home and ran to their truck. As the truck left the driveway, Groveport Police Captain Kurt Blevins saw them, pursued them, and  stopped them near Bixby Road. Multiple units from the Groveport police, Madison Township police and the Franklin County Sheriff arrived quickly and the men were taken into custody and their vehicle impounded. A pocket knife was located on one of the men, but was not used in any threatening manner toward police.

Groveport police believe these men have allegedly been burglarizing before, so any person who has seen these two men, or a silver Ford F-150 with a board for the rear window, near their homes should contact their respective police agency.

Mace and Zitzke were charged with felony 2 and are presently at the Franklin County jail.

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  1. You already had him on 6 felonies of 4th degree in my case and did absolutely nothing, clearly. Your officers assigned to the case wouldn’t even return my calls about it. What’s it gonna take to put him behind actual bars?


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