Builder plans for 149 new homes in London

(Posted July 12, 2017)

By Kristy Zurbrick, Madison Editor

Plans are nearly finalized to bring 149 new homes to London.

According to Mayor Patrick Closser, Maronda Homes and MTB Corp. are working out final details to clear the way for a development in the Eagleton Boulevard and Chevington Place area behind Walmart. The home prices will be comparable to those of homes already built in the area, he said.

“I spoke with the vice president of Maronda Homes, and they are currently building on Jacob Lane and want to move into this project soon,” Closser said at the July 6 city council meeting. “He told me that once the signature papers are complete, their engineer will be submitting the plans to the city… Hopefully, we’ll see some homes going up soon.”

Closser also noted that he recently met with another developer who is interested in bringing housing to London.

“They are talking to landowners and hope to have good news soon,” he said.

In other business, council is considering a revision to the city’s rules regarding employees of concessions or amusement ride operators who obtain licenses to set up at local festivals, fairs or carnivals. The city requires that all employees of such operations go through background checks. The proposed revision would give the city law director and police chief the authority to deny an operator’s application if the background checks turn up any employee with a felony warrant or conviction or who is a sex offender.

The city is looking into switching some of its street lighting to LEDs to save costs. Joe Mosier, safety service director, is working with Grace Energy Services to research the possibilities. Currently, they are testing a few retrofits, including some on Second Street near the city administration building.

According to Mosier, Grace Energy is recommending 54-watt bulbs. The bulbs cost just under $100 each and come with a 10-year warranty. If the city decides to make the switch, they will be eligible for energy efficiency incentives that would drop the city’s out-of-pocket price to just over $53 per bulb. The incentive application is due by mid-October and requires pre-approval from First Energy (Ohio Edison).

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