BTW: Text messages notify parents of school closings

On snowy mornings, Pickerington students and teachers will know immediately whether they must go to school or if they may return to bed.

The district will now send text messages if school is delayed or cancelled.

As of Dec. 24, the district had more than 1,000 people ask to be contacted through the new system, communications director Lee Cole said.

"Parents should expect to get the e-mail around five in the morning at the same time I send (the delay or cancellation) to the TV stations," Cole said.

To receive the text, sign-up at

Parents will need to enter their phone’s e-mail address, which is the telephone number plus provider’s URL.

For example if you have Verizon, your e-mail would look similar to

The Pickerington Schools Web site lists example e-mails for many companies in case parents do not know their provider’s address.

The district has sent e-mail alerts for more than a year, but the text messaging system began in mid-December. The district will test the system within the next few weeks, Cole said.

One reason the district has not offered the text messaging option in the past was that the phones would block the message as "spam," Cole said. "Now it’s a lot easier."

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