Break-ins on Groveport’s West Street


By Rick Palsgrove
Southeast Editor

Groveport Police confirmed that thieves broke into sheds on two residential properties on Groveport’s West Street on Nov. 17.

“Two incidents were reported the next day,” said Groveport Police Chief Ralph Portier. “It appears the break-ins occurred anywhere from dark to the next morning, but most likely during the windy periods.”

Portier said the break-ins happened in the 200 block of West Street. He said the suspects cut the lock off of one of the sheds to gain entry. Power tools, a compressor, and a lawn mower were some of the stolen items. He said no arrests have been made yet and the suspects are unknown at this time. The incidents remain under investigation.

In October, there were four reported incidents of thieves breaking into parked vehicles on Tallman Street.

Portier said these recent crimes on West Street were different than the Tallman Street crimes because, “These were sheds and outbuildings instead of unlocked vehicles.”

When asked why suspects targeted West Street for this kind of theft, Portier said, “Truthfully, I wish we could answer this. However, these are opportunistic crimes. Random targets, easy targets, where the offenders know it will be hard for them to get caught.”

When asked if the sparse streetlights on that part of West Street contributed to the opportunistic nature of the crimes, Portier said, “As far as streetlights, during the storms there could have been power outages, but lighting is always a problem unless we spend millions of dollars and create a daytime environment – which is not feasible, of course.”

Portier said the Groveport Police are taking steps to reduce thefts in the city.

“We will continue to patrol as many areas as possible. We log locations and observations, as a matter of fact I was out patrolling as well,” said Portier. “We ask people to use sensor lights, lock their doors, and call immediately if they see something or hear something.”

o make a report and to have an officer dispatched to a scene 24 hours a day, seven days a week, call (614) 525-3333. In case of an emergency, call 911. For all other Groveport Police business call (614) 830-2060.

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