Board wants rollback of standardized testing


By Dedra Cordle
Staff Writer

Since the implementation of the No Child Left Behind Act, school districts across the country have seen the number of standardized tests rise, and with that increase comes a flurry of specialized preparation.

Teachers have commonly said that the time spent in preparation for these particular tests cut into just about everything else a child could be learning in the classroom.

To voice their concern regarding the increasing emphasis of standardized testing, school districts have begun to pass resolutions at their board of education meetings to call for a change in policy.

The South-Western City Schools district is now on board.

At the April 13 meeting, the board unanimously approved a Time2Learn resolution, which asks state and federal legislators to deemphasize standardized testing and reemphasize locally developed learning.

Lee Schreiner, who was an educator for nearly four decades, said the increase of standardized testing is having a negative impact across the entire educational spectrum.

Rolla Beach, the president of the South-Western Education Association, agreed.

“With the amount of standardized tests being administered, school is not seen as a learning place, but a testing place,” he said.

Schreiner said they are not calling for a complete end to standardized testing, but rather a rolling back or reexamination of federal policy. He added that he does not believe much will come from the resolution, but said he felt it was important that state and federal lawmakers hear that school boards, teachers and students want a balance between federally mandated testing and original learning in the classroom.

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