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Merry Christmas everyone! ‘Tis the season for giving but also for taking.  The following are some tips to keep your presents yours and under your tree. 

•Make sure that you leave nothing in your car. If you are shopping, cover up bags and boxes in your car with a blanket.

•If you have a Christmas tree visible from your windows, don’t put gifts under it that can be seen from the outside. 

•When throwing out trash or recycling from gifts, make sure that thieves cannot get your address from a shipping label.

•Do not stack boxes from electronics or other gifts in your trash. It is too tempting for thieves to know what new treasures they can find in your home.   

•A dog is your best bet for home security but other systems work well. Make sure that you set the alarm system even when leaving the house for a quick errand. 

•If you have a package being delivered, ask if a neighbor can pick it up for you. Talk with your postal worker or delivery driver and ask them to put it somewhere that only you can find.  

•Compassion and mercy are two qualities that we should be exhibiting all year long. That does not mean that we should set ourselves up to be victims. We must work together to keep our community a safe and enjoyable place to live!

Lisa Grazier is coordinator of Camp Chase Blockwatch.



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