Blockwatch Beat crime alert

In the past week, there have been numerous garage break-ins and several thwarted home break-ins. Remember to fasten all windows and close up your home even if you’re only going as far as your own backyard. 

Since garages are being targeted, do not leave your remote or car registration in your vehicle. These folks are casing the area, trying car door handles, and checking for open windows and doors. Don’t let them be successful! We want them to leave our area alone and move on. Remember to call 911 for a crime in progress and 645-4545 for suspicious behavior and to contact your blockwatch captain and/or coordinator. 

Also occurring in Westgate is a problem with someone shooting out car windows with a pellet gun or a similar weapon. So far, there are 8-10 confirmed targets. This may not seem like a large problem, but these folks have to go to great expense to replace the broken windows since often the cost falls just below a deductible. If you know of anyone committing this nuisance crime, call your blockwatch coordinator and the police. 

Let’s keep up the good work with making our neighborhoods safe and enjoyable.

Lisa Grazier is coordinator of the Camp Chase Blockwatch.

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