Blacklick Woods celebrates its history


By Christine Bryant
Staff Writer

Scanned from slide provided by Diana Morse from nature center collection.
Scanned from slide provided by Diana Morse from nature center collection.

Take a step in time at Blacklick Woods with a new program that explores the history and future of the Reynoldsburg park.

Metro Parks will offer “History of Blacklick Woods and Future of Metro Parks” at 2 p.m. Jan. 30 at the Beech Maple Lodge.

For naturalist Beth Renner, who will teach the program, it’s an opportunity to learn more about the park where she recently began working and to highlight the future of the Metro Parks system.

“Offering the public a history program also allows us to branch out and perhaps reach a different segment of the general public,” Renner said.

The free program also will share new offerings at other parks, Renner said.

“The goal here is simple, to promote the new parks and highlight their features,” she said. “Many people are unaware of these new parks and they, too, are unique and well worth a visit.”

Accompanying the presentation will be informal displays of other historical items relevant to Blacklick Woods, including vintage photographs.

“The program is aimed for the general public and those with curiosity about how the first Metro Park came to be,” Renner said.

Since opening in 1948, Blacklick Woods has been ever-changing, she said.

“I think that is one of the neatest things about the park,” she said. “It has always had a focus on preservation and nature, and it is arguably one of the largest green spaces that remain in Reynoldsburg.”

The 643-acre park features woods, fields, seasonal swamp ponds, a small prairie and a golf course. It also has one of the best remaining beech-maple forests in Central Ohio, along with a buttonbush swamp, according to the Metro Parks website.

The forest areas include trails that wind through a swamp forest with oak and white ash, along with red maple, elm, shagbark and dogwood.

“Currently, much of the focus is on fitness, so the park now hosts fun events like the Mud Run, which was held this past autumn, and of course, our popular winter hikes,” Renner said.

The “History of Blacklick Woods and Future of Metro Parks” program is open to anyone and participants do not need to RSVP. Beech Maple Lodge is located at 6975 E. Livingston Ave. When entering the park, follow the signs to the lodge. For  information, go to

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