Blacklick Estates Blockwatch is back in business


By Linda Dillman
Staff Writer

The Blacklick Estates Community Blockwatch has re-organized.

At the June 18 Madison Township trustee meeting, Penny Smith reported on the blockwatch, which evolved from a Facebook group created by fellow resident Reese Kenney.

Trustee Gary McDonald said he attended the first two meetings and was pleased with the large turnout.

“Everyone was excited and they all had questions,” said McDonald. “The second meeting was even more in depth. They grilled me—50 people all having different questions. This group wants to be active. They’re picking up and moving forward. They’re looking at being the eyes and ears of the community. This shows a strong desire and willingness to take their community back.”

According to Smith, the Blockwatch was initiated in response to burglaries and crime in Blacklick Estates, as a means to unite the community and “rekindle the spirit of days gone by.”

Future plans include signage alerting the community to the Blockwatch, young children at play and the need to slow down while driving through the development.

“Eventually, we’re looking at a mobile group of members who walk the community and a community day,” said Smith. “We want kids to see us as a positive force in the community.

The next meeting of the Blacklick Estates Community Blockwatch will be July 9, 6 p.m., at Asbury United Methodist Church, 4760 Winchester Pike. Smith said the event will focus on the aspects of obtaining a good description and how and when to call the police.

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