Big LEGO exhibit on display at Groveport Town Hall


By Rick Palsgrove
Southeast Editor

Messenger photo by Rick Palsgrove
The popular LEGO exhibit is now on display at Groveport Town Hall, 648 Main St. Created by OhioLUG (Ohio LEGO Users Group), a recognized LUG with the LEGO company, this year’s exhibit is a cityscape complete with a replica of Groveport Town Hall and an operating train.

The ever popular LEGO exhibit has returned to Groveport Town Hall for the holiday season.
In years past, large crowds have come to see the LEGO creations on display on the first floor of Groveport Town Hall, 648 Main St.

OhioLUG (Ohio LEGO Users Group), a recognized LUG with the LEGO company, created this year’s display, which is an approximately 8×15 foot city complete with an operating battery powered train rolling along the tracks through the LEGO town.

“The kids really love to see the trains when they are running,” said Chelsey Donis, president of OhioLUG.

There’s a lot to see when one visits the display. A prominent feature is a detailed LEGO recreation of Groveport Town Hall itself.

The cityscape includes railroad trains, and LEGO versions of streets, stores, parks, houses, lake, flowers, trees, churches (one with a towering steeple), a factory, bike racers, police station, businesses, cars, buses, boats, railroad depot, and a medieval fair – complete with jousting and human chess – and much more.

Donis said OhioLUG members estimate there are about 150,000 to 200,000 individual LEGO pieces used in the display.

Donis said creating the display is a process requiring several steps.

“For the layout, our first step is to see which members would like to display models for the show and get a list of what is available to use,” said Donis. “From there we usually measure our space and then work out how many tables we can fit in the space which will give us our display size.”

Donis said after that they set up a shared Google draw document with the table layout and start plugging in where they want roads, track, and any big models to go. Once that is confirmed, they start putting in all the smaller models and details.

“It really is like putting a puzzle together,” said Donis. “We look at what is available and rearrange things until we are satisfied. We are always trying to make sure we have a good layout that has interesting details all over and try not to focus on just one area. Usually multiple people take part in this process and it seems like we are rearranging things until the day of the setup.”

“My personal favorite part about the show is being able to design and make buildings that people can connect with and are tailored to the show- like the Groveport Town Hall,” continued Donis. “Each show we try to make as different as we can to keep things interesting.”

The LEGO city on display at Groveport Town Hall is full of fun details and one can spend a long time gazing at it and finding humorous touches and artistic flourishes.

There are many whimsical aspects to the display including pirates atop a donut shop and clowns spilling out of a clown car.

For extra fun, see if you can spot where the LEGO Batman is perched in the display.

The LEGO exhibit is open during Groveport Town Hall’s normal operating hours. For information call (614) 836-3333.


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