Bexley to begin flushing hydrants

The Bexley Water Department will begin flushing fire hydrants in the city Aug. 11.

One crew will be assigned to the area south of Main Street; one crew to the area between Main Street and Broad Street; and one crew to the area north of Broad Street.

Work will continue each day until completion of the flushing. This is expected to take one week. A daily schedule of the hydrant flushing will be available by calling the Bexley Information Line at 559-4202 or by visiting the city of Bexley Web site at

Individual water service may be discolored for a short time during the flushing program.

Although the water may be cloudy, it is safe to drink. However, the water department advises residents not wash clothing if the water is discolored.

To test for discoloration, run the cold water for about two minutes. Call the Bexley Water Department at 550-4270 for assistance.

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