Bexley task force tackles the budget

The city of Bexley is facing a budget shortfall and is taking action to find the best solution to the problem. 

According to the mayor’s office, the city’s expenses have exceeded revenues for the past several years. The solution to the problem is fairly simple on the surface. 

Basically, we either need to reduce expenses, or increase revenue, City Auditor Larry Heiser said.  

Figuring out how to do that is the problem. 

To help come up with some answers, the city is creating a task force made up of members of the community.

We’ll give them as much financial data as they want, and whatever operations they want to look at, Heiser said. What our city services are, what the costs are to provide those services.

He said the first meeting would take place in November, and the group would probably meet once a month for about six months.

Anyone from the community who is interested can volunteer to be part of the task force. Heiser said at this point they have about 10 names of people from a variety of professions.

To volunteer, call Heiser at (614) 559-4262 or (614) 237-4564 or e-mail him at

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