Bexley holds 1st police recognition ceremony

 Photos courtesy of the Bexley Police Department

Bexley resident Mike McKinney, center, is recognized by Mayor David Madison and Chief Larry Rinehart with a Citizen’s Commendation Award for assisting in subduing a suspect, during the city’s first  Police Recognition Ceremony Oct. 18.

Bexley Police Sergeants Robert Martin and Robert Cull, second and third from left, are recognized by Mayor David Madison and Chief Larry Rinehart for their 32 years of service to the department.
A Crime Stoppers Award is presented to, from left, Officers Michael Buechner, Joseph Wayne, Robert Cuschleg, and Kenneth Shawver.

The Bexley Police Department held its first recognition ceremony Oct. 18 at Capital University, to honor the officers, support staff and citizens who work to keep the city safe.

When people talk about Bexley as a crime-free environment, "you are the reason," Chief Larry Rinehart told his officers.

Among the awards presented:

•Longtime service awards were presented to Sergeants Robert Cull and Robert Martin, with 32 years on the force; Captain Robert Buty, with 31 years; and Officer Joseph Wayne, with 29 years.

•A Citizens Commendation Award to resident Mike McKinney, who, on June 23, assisted Officer John Kim in subduing an intoxicated person who was resisting arrest and was later found to have a knife.

•Bexley Police Commendation Awards to Officer Jon Byrd, for pursuing, on foot, a suspect on a stolen bicycle for a mile before making the arrest; and Officer Ronald Kenefick, for stopping burglars in the midst of a break-in.

•A Community Policing Award to Officer Lindsay Eyears for work in locating missing and runaway juveniles. Rinehart also praised Eyears for the officer’s positive interactions with the public, remarking that Eyears gets more compliments than any other officer.

•Dispatcher Awards to Bonnie Becker and Werner Boehm, whom Rinehart noted is nicknamed "The Great Communicator" for his ability to stay in touch with officers and handle residents arriving in the lobby.

•A Crime Stoppers Award to Officers Michael Buechner, Joseph Wayne, Robert Cuschleg, and Kenneth Shawver.

•The Mayor’s Dedication to Duty Award to Officer Michael Buechner for his arrest of a suspect in several car break-ins, which led to the arrest of another suspect.

•The Mayor’s Outstanding Investigative Award to Officer Robert Cuschleg, for his investigation of fraud and telemarketing scams that involved state and federal law enforcement agencies.

•The Mayor’s Crime Stopper Award to Officer Bernard Hanna, for his foot pursuit and arrest of a suspect on a bicycle who turned out to be a career criminal with a lengthy record.

•The Mayor’s Supervisor Award to Sergeant Bryan Holbrook.

•The Mayor’s Multi-Tasking Award to Parking Control Officer Janet Houseberg, who also coordinated the Safety Town and Bike Rodeo events.

The chief’s executive assistant, Anita Foley, received a $150 gift certificate to a spa for her support of the entire department.

Bexley Police Department retirees attending the ceremony received lapel pins.

Rinehart noted that no city money was used for the ceremony, which was funded through private donations.

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