Bexley announces winners of first beautification contest

The city of Bexley has announced the winners of its first ever Beautification Contest.

Entries were selected from each section of town (north, middle and south). All residents, businesses and schools were invited to participate in the first flower competition. All registrations had to be received by June 15 to be eligible.

The theme for this year’s color scheme was "primary colors."

The winners were:

Resident winners:


1st place: 960 S. Roosevelt

2nd place: 725 S. Remington

Middle section

1st place: 2629 Bexley Park

2nd place: 2794 Bexley Park


1st place: 64 N. Ardmore

2nd place: 140 N. Ardmore

Overall winner: 64 N. Ardmore

Business winners:

1st place: Gateway

2nd place: Flavor

3rd place: First Bank of Bexley

4th place: Gluseppies

Schools winners:

1st place: GSG

2nd place: Montrose

3rd place: Cassingham Complex

4th place: St. Charles

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