Bella and Benji: Adorable and up for adoption


(Posted June 30, 2021)

The following are among the pets up for adoption at the Humane Society of Madison County (HSMC). If you are interested in adopting a pet, fill out an application online at or call the shelter at (614) 879-8368.


Bella has been with the shelter since Jan. 21. She is a beautiful torbi color with an estimated birthday of April 28, 2019. She has spent some time in a foster home, and here is what her foster momma had to say about her:

“Bella is a sweet girl who was returned to HSMC through no fault of her own. She is a young, chatty catty who loves to chirp along in conversation with you and follow you around the house. The only thing she loves more than following you around is cuddles. Whether it’s at your feet or snuggled up to your chest, she is happiest curled up against you in a warm bed. You will wake up to her face, purrs and all, being so excited that you are awake and ready to give her all the attention and pets. If you walk by and don’t give her pets, she will pop up and do whatever she can to get your attention.

“She did great with my cat-friendly dog (they slept in the same bed on the first night they met) but may do best with an older dog or dog who is on the calmer side. She would do purrfectly fine, and actually may do best, around other friendly cats with proper introductions because she loves to run around and play with our other cats.

“Around 1.5 months ago, we realized Bella had a UTI and, upon further testing, realized that she needed to be on special science diet food. She has fully recovered and been doing wonderfully on the new food and getting extra hydration with her wet food. Anyone who ends up with this beautiful girl will be so, so lucky, and she will repay you tenfold every single day.”

Adoption fees are $80 for kittens up to 6 months old and $60 for cats 7 months and older. The fee includes a FeLV/FIV test, spay or neuter, shots, deworming, and a one-year rabies shot (if old enough). Fees can be paid by cash or credit card.


Benji is a lovely puppy who was brought to us as a stray. We believe his birthdate is Nov. 27, 2020. Benji was able to stay in a home for a few days, and this is what the family had to say:

“Hi, there. I’m Benji, and I’m full of love, kisses, and tons of energy. I get along with everyone, and I mean everyone! I get so excited when I meet new people, I just can’t control myself and I jump and try to say hello but it comes out as a bark.

“I love to go on walks and explore everything around me; I just can’t sniff enough. You do need to watch me, though, because I also like to eat everything I come across on the ground, and I mean everything! Because I love to go on walks, I tend to pull on my leash a bit, so I will need some training in this area. Speaking of food, I love to eat and I love my treats. If you tell me to sit and wait while you get my bowl ready, I will sit like a gentleman, but the minute you put my food down, watch out, because I will go for it like it’s my last meal. So, maybe only let adults feed me. I know all the basic commands–sit, stay, heel, stop, enough, and drop it. Because of all my energy and because I think I’m a lapdog and not a big dog, I would probably do best in a home with a fenced yard and no young children. Just look at my sweet face. I know you will love adding me to your family.”

Benji doesn’t mind being around cats and ignores them for the most part. He is full of life and loves to play with other dogs. Although Benji plays well with other dogs, he does not like to share his things (food, treats, or toys) with other dogs, so he would need to be the only dog in his forever home. Benji is a smart pooch, knows his basic commands, and takes cues very well from people.

The shelter’s adoption fees for dogs are as follows: shelter dogs, $150; prison dogs, $200; puppies, $250; popular pure-breeds, $400. Fees includes a Home Again microchip, shots, deworming, heartworm testing (if old enough), spay or neuter, and a one-year rabies shot (if old enough). All dogs that are adopted must leave with a county license at an additional cost of $17. The license fee is cash only. Adoption fees can be paid by credit card or cash.

Humane Society Info
The Humane Society of Madison County (HSMC) continues to accept applications for its adoptable pets, schedule meet-and-greets for adopters, and schedule appointments when possible for the public.

To request an appointment, send email to, call (614) 879-8368 or visit HSMC on Facebook.

The Humane Society is located at 2020 Plain City Georgesville Rd., West Jefferson, The shelter appreciates donations of supplies. For a list of items, call (614) 879-8368.


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