Beautiful nostalgia

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By Christine Bryant

I feel like a kid again. It’s been awhile since I’ve been so excited to see a movie.

Maybe it’s just nostalgia, but one thing is for sure, I know I’m not the only one.

Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” will open this month and the barrage of trailers, clips and cast interviews that have been released or done so far makes me all the more excited.

The original was one of my favorites growing up – even though it was a relatively newer film at the time. I tended to like the earlier animated and live-action Disney films, like “Robin Hood,” “Swiss Family Robinson,” “Mary Poppins” and “Babes in Toyland.”

Each time I see a clip from the upcoming re-make, I feel transported back to my early teen years when I first saw the original.

A few weeks ago, I showed the animated movie to my 5-year-old daughter for the first time. I was a little worried because I already had shown her the animated “Robin Hood” movie, and she wasn’t impressed.

How could she not be? A bunch of animals with human traits sang, danced or fought in nearly every scene.

It wasn’t a match, however. So when it came time to show her one of my other favorite animated films, I kept my hopes in check.

She loved it and we watched it four times over the next two days.

I’m not sure how she will like the re-make, considering it’s a hybrid of live action and computer-generated imagery, but I know I’m excited.

I’ve read critics have had mixed opinions about the re-make – some saying it too closely resembles the original without taking enough creative liberty, asking if we need a film that “comes to life” when the original was already full of life.

Others say the film stands on its own, and is a visual spectacle.

As I count down to the day when I can decide for myself, I know one thing is for sure. Movies are so many things to many different people – an escape from reality, an opportunity to experience art, a moment of terror, laughter or pure joy. Sometimes they force us to ask ourselves questions, while other times, we can watch without the pressures of everyday life weighing on our minds.

Sometimes nostalgia is simply good enough.

Christine Bryant is a Messenger staff writer and columnist.

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