Barbershop quarter performs June 27 at Cowling Park

Music Men & Jen includes: (from left) Jen Vilardi, Steve Lind, Paul Oswalt, and Craig Chadwell. The group will perform at Cowling Park in London on June 27.

(Posted June 24, 2021)

Music Men & Jen–a barbershop quartet–is scheduled to perform at the Cowling Park gazebo in London on June 27 at 2 p.m. The concert is free. It is the group’s first performance in the park since 2014.

The group, formerly Music Men of London from 2005 to 2019–has undergone some changes in recent years, kick-starting the name change. The current members are:

• Jen Vilardi became the new tenor just in time for Christmas 2019. She also sings with Capriccio Columbus. She is the group’s first woman and member with no London ties.

• Steve Lind became the new lead singer just in time for Christmas 2020. He also performs with the Singing Buckeyes barbershop chorus. Like Vilardi, he has no London ties, hence the group’s name change.

• Craig Chadwell has been a member since 1998. He began as tenor and is now baritone/bass. He met Vilardi through a mutual friend and asked her to audition.

• Paul Oswalt has been a member since 2005, brought in by founder John Ewart. Oswalt met Lind during a three-year stint with the Singing Buckeyes who achieved 15th place in a 2019 international competition. Oswalt began as a baritone and is now a bass/baritone.

Visit and for more information about the group.

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