Back in the day


(Posted Sept. 25, 2023)

By Dedra Cordle, Staff Writer and Photographer

On Sept. 23-24, the Madison County Historical Society transported visitors back in time with their annual Pioneer Days Festival held on the museum grounds in London. Participants got to tour historic structures, like Jonathan Alder’s cabin the Elizabeth Kitchen log house, as well as speak to history buffs and reenactors to get a sense of what life was like 150 years ago.

William Weidel of Jamestown feeds the flame to make an “S-hook” at the blacksmith station. In pioneer times, S hooks were primarily used to hang items that needed to be heated in the fireplace. Today, they often are used to hang air hoses, electrical cords, and welding cables in order to keep them away from walkways and work floors.
Milly Byrd, 11, plays a round of “graces” which is somewhat similar to a modern catch-and-throw game.
Grove City musicians Lisa and Steve Ball perform Civil War-era music for visitors to the Madison County Historical Society’s Pioneer Days.
Cooper Meinke, 11, shows his “distress” at having been locked in jail for the crime of tax evasion.
Margie Wysocki of Xenia sews a button on a waistcoat. The retired educator said she and her husband have been volunteering as historical reenactors for the past 30 years.
(From left) Maria Early, Kim Mallia, and Connie Bechtel enjoy tea and snacks as they work on their embroidery at the Elizabeth Kitchen log house.
Madison County Historical Society volunteers (from left) Nikki Byrd, Linda Byrd, Gael Juarez Perez, and Freya Byrd portray a family gathering, pioneer-style.
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