August: Child Support Awareness Month

Messenger photo by Kristy Zurbrick
Celebrating August as Child Support Awareness Month are employees of Madison County’s Child Support Enforcement Agency and the Madison County commissioners: (front row, from left) agency administrator Sue Mosier and Billi Sue Miller; (second row) Lori Dodge-Dorsey, director of Job & Family Services, and Rhoni Newman; (third row) commissioner Mark Forrest, Chrissy Boyd and Christi Payton, county administrator Rob Slane; (back row) commissioners David Dhume and Dave Hunter.

(Posted Aug. 4, 2017)

By Kristy Zurbrick, Madison Editor

Green is the color for Child Support Awareness Month, celebrated each year in August.

On July 31, members of Madison County’s Child Support Enforcement Agency sported green t-shirts as the Madison County commissioners passed a resolution recognizing the agency’s work and the role positive emotional and financial support plays in a child’s development.

Administrator Sue Mosier reported that in 2016, the agency collected approximately $4,400,000 in child support payments. The agency’s three caseworkers handle about 1,800 cases.

“Seventy-five percent of the cases are even Steven,” Mosier said.

The other 25 percent require staffers to track down the parent who is delinquent on payments, which involves checking with family members and employers.

“We are above state average on collection on arrears,” Mosier said.

The state average is 67 percent; Madison County’s average is 74 percent.

“The biggest tool this year was license suspension,” Mosier said.

The agency sent out 217 letters to individuals delinquent on payments, warning them their driver’s licenses would be suspended until payment was received.

The agency followed through on suspending licenses in 31 cases and collected $17,000 in the process. Those who made payments had their licenses reinstated for $25. The agency also collected $17,000 from those who received letters and responded before their licenses could be suspended.

Mosier noted that the agency makes every attempt to work with those who owe before resorting to the suspension.

This year’s Child Support Awareness Month theme is “Support is Key.”

To learn more about the local child support enforcement program, call (740) 852-4770.

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