Approval of CW’s anti-racism ordinance delayed


By Linda Dillman
Staff Writer

Canal Winchester City Council’s plans to adopt a resolution condemning racism in the city was put on hold following last-minute information and questions during its Nov. 16 work session.

“This is an opportunity to take this a step closer,” said Councilman Pat Lynch, who suggested getting together with the community and setting a date where everyone can meet together.

Council members expressed a desire to present a single uniformed resolution and want to find common ground on which the whole group can agree. Councilman Mike Coolman said he would still like to hear information from Franklin County.

“Franklin County manages a lot larger turf with a lot more people,” Coolman said. “I would like one uniform piece of legislation to move forward.”

Council President Mike Walker said COVID-19 and waiting for Franklin County (for a workable arrangement to meet with council) are a big part of the wait to pass a resolution.

“It’s important to get this correct and right,” Walker said.

Councilwoman Jill Amos, who collaborated with Councilman Chuck Milliken on the resolution, said council needs to set a deadline for action. She felt the community is losing faith in the council.

“I think we need to keep a solid promise to our community,” said Amos.

Councilman Will Bennett said it was in the best interest of council to present one item, but cautioned they were not “ready to run” yet. He advised council to set its sights and make it achievable.

“This is something that will not be done with one ordinance,” said Bennett. “People need to know this is our first step.”

Milliken, Amos and Lynch planned to meet before the next council meeting and discuss the resolution before presenting suggested language to the full council.

Water and sewer fees
Council approved a pair of ordinances setting water and sanitary sewer use fees until 2022. The domestic water and sprinkler rates per 1,000 gallons are currently $6.33 and will not rise for more than a year for users outside the special water allocation district.

The bulk water rate charge per 1,000 gallons remains steady through the beginning of 2022 at $8.90. The sanitary sewer user fee charge is $5.88. With the approval of the ordinance and forgoing a scheduled fee increase in 2021, the rate will not change until Jan. 1, 2022. Both utility funds exceeded anticipated fund performances over the past two years, which reduced the need for a scheduled increase.

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