Apartments to be built at Groveport and Bixby roads

By Rick Palsgrove
Managing Editor

An 165-unit apartment complex will be built on 22.6 acres on the northeast corner of Bixby Road and Groveport Road, according to village of Obetz officials.

“They have already started preparing the land for the infrastructure,” said Obetz Community Services Director Stacey Boumis. “They have obtained all the building permits. It should be open in late 2022.”

The developer for the project is Redwood and the land is located in the Groveport Madison school district.

According to Boumis, based on other similar projects, Redwood estimates the apartment complex would be home to approximately 12 school age children.

When asked how much traffic the development is expected to generate along Groveport and Bixby roads, Boumis said, “Trips for the proposed site were generated using standard Institute of Transportation Engineers practices and the Trip Generation Manual. The development is anticipated to produce 18 entry and 59 exit trips during the peak morning hour and produce 58 entry and 34 exit trips during the peak evening hour.”

The apartment complex development is coming in while upgrades are planned for the busy Bixby Road/Groveport Road intersection.

“Construction (of the intersection improvements) should start in spring 2021 and end in fall 2021,” said Michael Corbitt, village of Obetz deputy administrator and director of engineering in an interview earlier this year. “This is a village of Obetz project.”

According to Corbitt, the estimated cost for the intersection improvements is approximately $1.6 million and the project will be funded “by the village of Obetz and partially funded by nearby development.”

Improvements to the intersection will include left turn lanes and more.

“Groveport Road will have a new eastbound and westbound left turn lane constructed onto Bixby Road with associated signal modifications,” said Corbitt. “This project will also consist of improving the current condition of Bixby Road south of the intersection to the village corporation line. A multi-use path will be constructed along Bixby Road.”
Corbitt said the turns lanes “will provide a safer intersection while providing additional capacity to Groveport Road.”

The intersection handles a large traffic flow, especially on Groveport Road during peak morning and afternoon rush hours. The intersection’s current configuration often sees traffic back ups on Groveport Road when drivers attempt to turn left onto Bixby Road.

Residents of nearby Fairchild Estates have noted it is difficult at times to access Groveport Road from their subdivision due to the traffic.

“The highest a.m. peak hour is approximately 1,100 vehicles and the highest p.m. peak hour for traffic is approximately 1,200 vehicles,” said Corbitt of the intersection.

Other proposed apartments on
Groveport Road rejected by Groveport
Last December, Groveport City Council rejected plans for a proposed 144-unit apartment complex on 8.3 acres on the north side of west Groveport Road on property bounded by the Groveport Church of Christ on the west, storage units across the road to the south, and a single family lot to the north and east.

Groveport City Administrator B.J. King said the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission did not recommend the proposal for approval citing that the city’s overall plans for the area call for commercial and industrial development; the possible impact of more students to the Groveport Madison school district the development could bring; and potential traffic issues on busy west Groveport Road.

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