Annual donation to Motts Military Museum could be renewed


By Rick Palsgrove
Southeast Editor

Groveport City Council is considering renewing its annual donation to Motts Military Museum.

Ten years ago council pledged to donate $25,000 per year for 10 years to Motts Military Museum in order to ensure the expansion and continued operation of the museum. That agreement has now expired.

Council is considering new legislation to renew the donation agreement for five years at $25,000 per year with money from the city’s general fund financed through its budget for community service grants. If approved, the annual donation would be made to the museum for the next five years beginning in January 2017.

The proposed agreement states the museum makes “significant historical and cultural contributions” to the city, but it also states the museum must operate within the city corporation limits and that the agreement is “contingent upon the continued purchase of property and/or the expansion of the facility.”

Motts Military Museum, located at 5075 S. Hamilton Road in Groveport, houses artifacts from all of America’s wars. The museum receives visitors from around the world. The museum has 757 members from 30 states as well as 70 volunteers who help maintain the facility, according to Motts. In addition to other events, the museum also participates in area Memorial Day, Veterans Day, and 9-11 ceremonies.

Motts said the museum also has the largest collection of 9-11 artifacts outside of Ground Zero in New York. He said plans are to build a new $2.5 million building addition for the museum on the vacant lot just north of the existing museum.

“We’re working on raising the money for it,” said Motts, who thanked the city for its past support and hopes that support will continue.

“Every day is Veterans Day at Motts Military Museum,” said Motts.

Council will vote on the proposed donation legislation at a future meeting.

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