Animal Olympics

 Messenger photos by Megan Edwards
Gabrielle Nooks, 7, tests her ability to jump like a kangaroo at Blacklick Woods Metro Park Aug. 2. Nooks attended Animal Olympics, an educational event, sponsored by the metropark comparing animals and their abilities, to humans.
Alyssa Tramont (left) and Christy Marsick, naturalist interns with Blacklick Woods Metro Park, demonstrate the wingspan of birds of the world, including the peregrine falcon and wandering albatross.
Bernardo Gomez, 7, races as a turtle against other children during Animal Olympics at Blacklick Woods Metro Park Aug. 2. The event, sponsored by the metro park, was an educational event that compared animal abilities to human abilities.
Emily McMarrow, 10, demonstrates her skills as a skunk and sprays water at the target behind her as other children try to avoid the water spray. McMarrow attended the Animal Olympics Aug. 2 at Blacklick Woods Metro Park, where children learned different facts about animals.
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