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By Rick Palsgrove
Southeast Editor

A restaurant is a favored pick for new business development in downtown Groveport, according to the respondents to an online survey about the future of the city’s Main Street and historic business core.

Of the 578 survey participants, 36 percent want to see a restaurant/diner in the downtown and 19 percent said they’d like to see a full service restaurant. Combined, that’s 55 percent favoring a restaurant of some sort in the area. Among other ideas for eating and drinking establishments were 13 percent for a coffee shop, 8 percent for a sandwich shop, 7 percent for a brew pub, and 6 percent for an interactive family cafe.

In regards to potential retail establishments in the downtown, 38 percent of survey respondents want a bakery, 22 percent a vintage store, 10 percent desire an arts/crafts/hobby store, 8 percent an outdoor and recreational sports store, 8 percent for a consignment boutique, and 5 percent for a pet store.

The online survey ran from July 30 to Aug. 13. It is part of the Groveport Community Improvement Corporation (CIC) efforts to conduct a local market analysis, plus research the development of marketing and business recruitment strategies and branding for the city’s downtown. The CIC is working with Downtown Professionals Network of Franklin, Tenn.

According to city officials, this local retail market analysis, which the survey was part of, cost $11,200. The city’s last market study was done in 2003, with an update in 2011. The 2003 study cost the city $3,620 and the 2011 update cost $8,200.

Downtown Professionals Network is expected to deliver a full finalized report to Groveport City Council in October.

“The survey results will be used to help shape the next step after the market analysis: the development of marketing strategies for business recruitment,” Groveport Finance Director and Assistant Administrator Jeff Green said previously.

When asked to describe how downtown Groveport is currently trending, 52.8 percent of the survey respondents said it is “steady or holding its own,” 26.9 percent said it is “improving or making progress,” and 20.3 percent said it is “declining or losing ground.”

Regarding respondents who are potential business prospects for downtown Groveport, 36 said they would be interested in opening a new business downtown and 8 said the would be interested in moving a business to downtown Groveport. Green said that of these respondents, 14 people provided contact information and city officials will meet with them to provide information and to discuss options.

“Hopefully some good things will come from this,” said Green.

Survey respondents were also asked to choose one word to describe Groveport and their answers ranged from “quaint” and “home” to “quiet” and “historic” to “boring.”

Groveport residents made up 73.7 percent of survey respondents while 20.9 percent of respondents live within 10 miles of Groveport and 5.4 percent live over 10 miles away. Women made up 69 percent of the respondents. Only 27 percent of the respondents work in Groveport.

Most of the respondents fell within the following age groups: 35 to 44, 23 percent; 45 to 54, 21.9 percent; and 55 to 64, 19.9 percent. Two member households made up 39.8 percent of the respondents with three member houses next at 20.5 percent. People earning between $100,000 to $149,999 per year made up 23.8 percent of respondents with those making $50,000 to $74,999 next at 23.6 percent.

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