An Eggstravaganza!

Messenger photos by Dedra Cordle
Century Village at Fryer Park was hopping with activity on April 1 as families throughout the region braved the high winds to participate in Visit Grove City’s first annual Altogether Eggstravaganza. For two hours, children and adults alike scoured through the mid-1800 buildings in search of hidden treasures for the scavenger hunt and historical facts from volunteers with the Southwest Franklin County Historical Society. Visit Grove City representative Teresa Breckenridge, pictured here as the Easter Bunny with siblings Nicole and Andrew Thompson, said this family-friendly event was created with fun and exploration in mind. “We wanted to get people engaged in a fun activity that the entire family could enjoy and we also wanted to get them out to explore all of the great things this city has to offer, such as our beautiful parks,” she said. Although they are residents of Grove City, the Thompson family had never ventured out to explore this historic attraction at Fryer Park prior to participating in the Altogether Eggstravaganza event. The siblings said they had “a lot of fun” participating in the scavenger hunt, looking through the old buildings, and collecting candy and other goodies from area businesses who participated in a trunk-and-treat lineup.
Altogether Eggstravaganza participants were tasked with finding a number of items, including a Sasquatch. Although he usually prefers to hang out in the woods, the Sasquatch (a.k.a. Mike Strawser, co-owner of Strawser’s Ice Cream, Pop & Candy Shop) was feeling a bit less shy that morning as he was frequently spotted coming up to guests and handing out sweet treats.
Bunnies real and mythical were the stars of the event. Here, Alicia Everts gives her 2-year-old bunny Charlotte some affection as she takes a brief pause from passing out candy for The Grove Pediatric Dentistry.
Southwest Franklin County Historical Society volunteer Barbara Mogren poses alongside all of the socks that were “hidden” at the schoolhouse for the scavenger hunt. She joked that there were not a lot of secret nooks at this building.
Siblings Tori and Tristan Hinton celebrate as they find another bunny during the scavenger hunt. Inside the inflatable Easter Bunny was Tiffany Kirkbride who had to stay out of the elements due to the high winds outside. The train depot was also part of a sensory-friendly scavenger hunt that took place a half-an-hour prior to the start of the main event.


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