Allowing alcohol at Reynoldsburg pool halls on table

Should Reynoldsburg pool hall patrons be able to have a beer with their shot?

That was one of the topics of discussion at the Sept. 4 City Council meeting.

A regulation adopted in 1968 states that Reynoldsburg prohibits the sale or consumption of alcoholic beverages on the premises of pool rooms containing more than one pool table.

The owner of The Spot Family Fun and Billiards Club, Mike Maszon, stated that an amended code that allows alcohol sales would be good for the local economy, allowing tournaments, which are mostly sponsored by the adult beverage industry, to come to the Reynoldsburg area.

Councilman Mel Clemens said, "I can understand the need for change since the current wording is nearly 40 years old.  I don’t see the difference between pool tables, darts or volleyball.  I’m not sure why pool tables were singled out in ’68."

After discussion it was decided that additional research and a visit from the city attorney would be needed to rewrite this section.  After the section is updated it will be returned to the City Council for a first reading.

Another topic of discussion was the possible addition of a full-time code compliance officer to the Reynoldsburg city staff.  

The city has two vacant compliance positions and would like to combine the two part-time positions to make one full-time position, in hopes of attracting long term talent.

Clemens stated that he agreed with the need for a full-time compliance officer but recognized the budgetary issues in the city that failed twice to pass an income tax rate increase last year.  

"I’ll support the addition after the first of the year when a new administration comes in," said Clemens, referring to the mayor who will succeed the retiring Bob McPherson in January.

Councilwoman Donna Shirey stated that safety issues are important to the city.  

"Why should we wait until a new administration comes in?  I believe we are going backwards and not moving forwards," Shirey said.

The issue was tabled pending further research.  

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