Alders fall play is ‘Maid to Order

The cast of Jonathan Alder’s production of “Maid to Honor” includes: (front row, from left) Chelsea Robinson, Cassidy Brauner, Jeanette Gingerich, Jared Ayres, Shannon Miller; (back row) Marian Hobson, Benjamin Becker, Steve Lotter and Eliza Graber. Zach Hill is not pictured.

At one point, five maids of dubious origins occupy the stage. It’s all part of the good, clean fun in Jonathan Alder High School’s production of “Maid to Order.”

The play, set in the 1950s, revolves around Faith Martin (played by Cassidy Brauner) and her husband, Carl (Zach Hill), the college football coach on his way to a pep rally on the eve of the big game.

As the plot unfolds, everyone ends up at the Martin household. Julian (played by Ben Becker) stops by to visit Faith, his old friend, before heading to the college to appear in a drama program. Miss Speare (Marian Hobson), head of the college speech department, storms in to give Carl grief for booking a pep rally for the same night as the drama program.

Two fans of the opposing football team, Dagmar Wurst and Veevy McCoy (Jared Ayres and Shannon Miller) sneak in to steal a prized football, thought to be in the Martins’ closet. For good measure, Faith’s Aunt Abby (Chelsea Robinson) comes by to meet her niece’s husband for the first time. Things get out of hand as people who don’t want to cross paths disappear into the closet and come out dressed as other people. Eventually, the local policeman, Magoon (Steve Lotter), is on the scene, too.

As for the five “maids,” two are real and three aren’t. The roll call starts with the Martins’ actual maid, Valeria (played by Jeanette Gingerich), who quits in the middle of dinner preparations. Faith gets Julian to masquerade as the new maid, but then another maid appears (Lotta Bowling played by Eliza Graber) and two more after that. Who are they and where are they coming from? Check the closet.

“My favorite thing about this comedy is that we’ve really gotten into decking it out in the ’50s theme,” said sixth-year director Shauna Piatt.

There’s a metallic sunburst clock on the wall, cat-eye glasses on Miss Speare, a bouffant hairdo on Faith, and phrases like “jeepers” and “Cut off my nose and call me Drippy” in the script.

Piatt isn’t the only person thrilled with the time frame of the play. Shannon Miller, who serves as the production’s student director in addition to playing a role, loves it, too.

“I love making people laugh. To do a comedy my senior year and to have it set in the 1950s, I’m so happy,” she said.

Helping to set the vibe are members of the behind-the-scenes crew, which includes parent volunteers Cindy Wolfe and Tracey Guerin, and the following students: Becky Ayres, David Booth, Ally Brickner, Jimmy Campbell, Skylar Clay, Rob Fogelsong, Ashley Gantz, Meghan McLoughlin, Jaime Messer, Natalie Olson, Emily Ramage, Jason Quinn, Mackenzie Smith, Rachel Starkey, Bobby Thornberry and Cheyanne Wolfe.

Show times are 8 p.m. Nov. 21-22 and 3 p.m. Nov. 23. Tickets are $7 for adults and $5 for students and seniors. All shows take place in Jonathan Alder High School’s auditeria, 9200 State Route 42, Plain City. For details, call 614-873-4642.

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