Alder teachers comment on ‘reality’


By Sandi Latimer, Staff Writer

At the March 10 school board meeting, Jonathan Alder Schools Superintendent Gary Chapman shared comments from teachers about what classrooms are like this year under cutbacks instituted after last spring’s financial problems. The district made more than $1 million in cuts after a posting error was found in the five-year financial forecast.

In the document, “Current Reality… A Teacher’s Perspective,” high school teachers complained about the lack of electives, which results in students having several study halls a day. They also said the school’s technology is outdated; some operating systems and software are older than the students.

Junior high teachers complained about having a librarian for half-days which limits the time students have to check out books. They said they also don’t have adequate time to work with struggling learners.

From the middle school came complaints of special education teachers teaching electives. Also, teachers said they are spending their own money on materials due to a shortfall in school funding.

Plain City Elementary School teachers said students’ library access is limited because a library aide’s position was reduced.

The school district is seeking a 0.5 percent income tax increase for operating expenses. The request will appear on the May primary ballot.


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