Alder board revises bullying policy

On July 9, the Jonathan Alder Local Board of Education approved a policy revision on bullying, harassment and intimidation issues as required by state law. Superintendent Doug Carpenter said the policy adheres to the Ohio Revised Code, which states that “every student has a right to attend school in a safe and secure environment.”

The policy includes controlling and disciplining students who bully others, call others names, harass, threaten or attempt to intimidate others, or use ethnic slurs or make other derogatory comments to demean others. The policy also covers bullying, harassment or intimidation actions made through the Internet, cellular phones or other electronic devices.

Employees of the district will be advised to be alert to any infractions of the policy and are mandated to report viola-tions of the policy to school administrators. An employee who witnesses a violation of the policy but fails to help prevent the action or report the violation could be disciplined.

Voting polls at school buildings

Carpenter reported that the Madison County Board of Elections had contacted him on the morning of July 9 to request use of the high school and junior high buildings for voting sites in future elections.

“We have never done this before. I don’t think it’s a major thing for the high school as we have an auxiliary gym in the building where phys. ed. classes could still be held on the days the main gym is used for voting,” Carpenter said.

The junior high has only one gymnasi-um, however, and Carpenter said he is not sure what other room at the site could be used for voting purposes.

During discussion of the proposal, school board President Tom Bichsel expressed concerns about building and student security. He said he is aware of problems at a school in another school district where voting is held.

“You can have problems with people walking down halls where they don’t belong, and I don’t know how we would secure our hallways, especially in our junior high building,” Bichsel said.

Because the request came on the same day as the board meeting, Carpenter said the issue will need more discussion and planning. As for his opinion, the superintendent is open to the idea.

“As far as I’m concerned, we should make the buildings available for something like this. We can work out the details as we go along, and we can always make changes after we see how it works the first time,” Carpenter said.

New sophomore science course

Starting with the 2007-08 school year, the high school will offer a new honors science course for sophomores. Beth Beach, director of teaching and learning for the district, said the offering will be a one-credit, two-semester course. The majority of students who take the class will do so with recommendations from teachers, however other students with a strong interest in biology also can qualify to take it.

“At this time we already have enough students recommended to fill a classroom,” Beach said.

Dulgar retires

When school starts this fall at Jonathan Alder High School, a familiar face will be gone from the front office.

After 27 years of service to the district, high school secretary Priscilla Dulgar is retiring. Carpenter said Dulgar’s position will be filled by the time school starts.

The school board’s next meeting will be at 7 p.m. Aug. 13 in the board of education room in the high school.

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