A trip to the past

Messenger photos by Dedra Cordle
History enthusiasts and the historically curious came out to Century Village in Fryer Park on June 4 to experience a trip to the past during the annual Heritage Celebration. Presented by the city of Grove City and the Southwest Franklin County Historical Society, the event allows those living in modern times to get a glimpse of the lives of those who inhabited these lands during the mid-to-late 18th and 19th centuries. Here, historical reenactor James Sturckler demonstrates that while the years may have passed, people have and always will find pleasure in the simple things like catching a cool breeze underneath the trees on a warm day. When not being lulled by the pleasantness of the atmospheric conditions, Sturckler often engaged with attendees about the American Revolutionary War in which his character was a soldier of the King’s 8th Regiment of Foot. The resident of Dayton – who has been a living history reenactor for more than two decades – hand-sewed this uniform.
Grove City resident Matt Goodman demonstrates how this Panzerschreck worked when employed during World War II.
Hattie Lechner, a resident of Dayton who portrayed a Flight Nurse with the 801st Medical Air Evacuation Squadron during the Heritage Celebration, treats the “wounds” of Caio Dyer, 12, using the equipment available during this era.
Tom Wilhelm, a volunteer with the SWFCHS, uses a canvas of leather to create a portrait of a wolf roaming the wilderness.
While donning the traditional wear of ladies in the mid 1800s – minus the sunglasses, of course – Regina Thielen stops at the K & K Mercantile Market to browse through their goods on display. Thielen, a volunteer with the SWFCHS, was a history teacher at Central Crossing and Grove City High Schools.
Chip Deerfoot Moore swings at an underhanded pitch during a vintage “base ball” game between the Ohio Village Muffins red squad and white squad.
Thomas Stiteler, a captain for the Ohio Village Muffins’ white squad, celebrates as he touches home base.
Joel Armbruster is an outfielder in every sense of the word.


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