A trip to the farm


By Amanda Amsel
Staff Writer

A local organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of children on the westside is teaching area youth about the importance of nature by letting them explore a local farm.

The Run the Race Club is giving children an opportunity to leave their neighborhood for a few hours by offering free field trips to a farm they own.

“In 2012 the farm was given to us by a generous benefactor,” said Rachel Muha, founder of the club. “Since then, we have made several changes to it and have turned it into an education center for our club members.”

The eight-acre farm is located in Galloway and has a house, barn, play area, animals and an open field for the children to play.

Taking 20 to 30 children at a time in the spring, summer and fall, the club takes children out to the farm at least once a week. For many, according to Muha, this trip is the first time they have ever left the westside.

“Because a lot of their parents don’t have their own transportation, many of the kids have never left their neighborhood,” Muha said. “The experiences they get at the farm are things they could never get in the city.”

At the farm, the kids explore a treehouse, climb on ropes and even roast marshmallows around a fire pit.

“They also have learned about gardening and have planted vegetables and fruit trees,” Muha said. “Next year we want to have beehives too.”

According to Muha, the farm also has chickens and rabbits and in the future they want to have goats and install a fishing pond.

“The excitement every time they come out to the farm is wonderful,” she said. “Now we have birds, butterflies, frogs and even snakes. These are wild animals some of them have never seen before.”

When the kids come out to the farm Muha said they typically stay for a few hours and enjoy a cookout before heading home. When the club isn’t at the farm a caretaker lives on the property and cares for the animals.

“It really has evolved into an outdoor school,” Muha said. “To be able to introduce these children to nature is incredible. To give them an opportunity they would otherwise not have is worth it.”

If you’re interested in volunteering, donating or sending your child to the Run the Race Club, contact Rachel Muha at 276-2171.

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