A “tail” of two lost dogs

By Rick Palsgrove, Southeast Editor

The two dogs have much in common. Shadow, a mix breed, and Maggie, a Yorkshire terrier, are older dogs, they have trouble hearing, they live in Groveport, and they have loving families.

And they were both lost.

Shadow’s “tail”
Shadow wandered away from his home on Aug. 6. The Tyler family searched and searched for their dog. They put up signs with his photo and also posted information about Shadow on Facebook in hopes someone would see him and help to bring him home. Four days passed with no sign of Shadow.

Meanwhile, Groveport Madison High School Cruiser head softball coach Chris Downing was having a bad day. He decided to go work on the softball fields at Groveport Elementary as he has often done in the past.

“Just as I hooked up the drag I noticed an animal walking inside the Middle School Central football field,” said Downing. “After figuring out it was a dog I realized it looked like a dog listed as missing on the Groveport Neighbors Facebook site. It was the lost dog and I called the owner and they were reunited. The owner’s reaction when seeing the dog was priceless. It made my week, not just my day. It just proves perspective. No matter how bad your day is going you can still have a positive effect on someone else.”

Andrew Tyler thanked Downing and everyone else who helped look for Shadow.

“Everybody was so helpful in locating Shadow,” said Tyler. “We had this posted on multiple sites and my son said it was shared and liked over 1,800 times. Shadow was tired and hungry, but in good shape for being gone for four days. He is happy to be home.”

Tyler said he did not drive more than 10 miles from home, but ended up with over 300 miles driven while he was looking for Shadow in the four days he was missing

“I want to thank everyone for their help and without you we might not have gotten Shadow back,” said Tyler. “We moved to Groveport two months ago and I can tell you for a fact that we would not have gotten the support we received if we were still in Columbus.”

Maggie’s “tail”
On Aug. 7, Bob Arthur, woke up and noticed the family dog, Maggie, was not in the house.

“Libby (Bob’s wife) and I immediately went out looking for her,” said Bob Arthur. “We went down Cherry Street and came across a couple of women banging on the door of a house. They were locked out of the house and were banging on the door trying to wake up someone in the house who was asleep so they’d open the door. We asked if they’d seen our dog and they had not. I started banging on the door to help the women when Groveport Police Officer Josh Guiler pulled up. We told him what we were doing and I mentioned we were looking for our lost dog, too.”

Guiler kept an eye out for Maggie.

“After several minutes of nothing, I saw a postal worker walking delivering mail,” said Guiler. “I asked him if he had seen a Yorkie dog running around.He said he had not, but he told me a resident on Main Street had told him they had found a dog and was wondering if he knew who it belonged to.”

Guiler went to the address the postal carrier gave him and knocked.

A woman came to the door holding a small dog wrapped in a blanket.

“Josh said, ‘Maggie!’ and she perked up and responded. It was Maggie,” said Bob Arthur.

“When I knocked on the Arthur’s front door I could see them standing in the kitchen through the front door window,” said Guiler. “I held Maggie up to the window and they couldn’t get to the front door fast enough. Both Mr. and Mrs. Arthur were very emotional and happy to see their Maggie had returned home.”

“Josh and the mail carrier put forth extra effort to help us,” said Bob Arthur. “The police and the post office are both going to get some of Libby’s homemade candy for their help! This kind of thing can only happen in a small town like Groveport.”

Guiler said as he was preparing to leave the Arthurs asked again about how Maggie was found.

“I’m not sure they heard a word I said the first time,” said Guiler. “That’s how emotional they were for her safe return. The overwhelming support from Mayor Westcamp, Groveport City Council, and our residents makes small tasks like finding Maggie such a privilege!”

It’s about community
Both dogs were found because community members cared enough to help look for them. The community came together and took the time in this busy world to help find two older, hearing impaired, lost dogs.

Good things like this happen in close knit communities. It is what a community is all about: neighbors helping neighbors and police and mail carriers caring for and looking out for residents. It’s people coming together and watching out for each other and their furry friends.

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